About Me

You know, I resisted writing anything for this page for a long time. I thought that, since there was a little blurby thing at the side, under all the fun stuff, that this whole “About Me” thingamajig was pointless. I confess that time has changed my mind somewhat on the matter.

People are curious little monkeys — I know that I am, when I’ve found a blog and an author I like. So, even if this page is short, even if I only satisfy one curious monkey, I’m okay with that. It will have served its purpose.

I started this blog because I want to write. I want to be a published author. This was all about getting used to sharing my thoughts with the world, albeit in a small way. It was about finding my voice. It was trying to find the silver lining and/or the humour in the everyday. It was realizing that I do, in fact, have stories to tell. It was about connecting to other people, other bloggers, and having something else to read — something shorter than the novels that I am positively addicted to, and am jonesing for right this second. It was having a space to rant. It was about sharing the crazy.

The genesis of this blog, in no small part, also revolved around the idea of having an audience. As a writer, I need to get used to the idea — because it’s one that’s quite foreign to me. I’m a private person, and every single post is like letting a corner of my soul flutter loose in the wind, at the mercy of anyone who happens to come across it. It’s more than a little scary, but it’s a scary that I need to be able to deal with. If I’m going to do what I dream of, then I need to get used to other people seeing, interpreting, praising, critiquing, and even hating what I write.

So, here I am.

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