Happy Birthday, Sis

Oh, Liz. Your birthday is today, and it’s making me feel old. I suppose that’s the dark underside to being the much-older-sibling. (But seriously: you’re almost a teenager and it’s fucking terrifying.)

This last year has been brutally hard, especially on you. So here I am, telling the whole flippin’ world how proud I am of you. Of the way you’ve pulled through, of the way you pick yourself up and keep going. Of your stubbornness and compassion and all the little ways you show people you love them. (Like turning off my light and tucking a blanket around me when I’ve fallen asleep on my homework again.)

I love you, Liz. So much it makes my heart hurt. And I will pull out every dirty trick in the book to bully The Powers That Be into making this year so much better than the last.

I think this goes without saying, but as we live in a world of rampant asshattery, please allow me to state for the record: this is my intellectual property. As such, please do not copy, circulate, edit, alter, take credit for, or otherwise appropriate this material without my express permission. Thank you.

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